Tuesday, April 7, 2020


Moving forward, your child will find all necessary, directed weekly Extended Learning Learning information on Google Classroom.

Each week I will post two attachments-
1) Activity Log to record and track learning
2) Weekly Lesson Plan

Students are still encouraged to use other online resources we have if they would like additional practice or review!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Checking In!

Hi All! 

Just wanted to check in! Hope you're doing well!

-Please note I have fixed the ST Math link- this is the only website that students MUST login through the "Class Link" tab on the Middleboro homepage in order to play. They must use their full email to sign in:


Then, find and click on the ST Math app box. For iPads and phones, it will prompt you to open the app, and then it will automatically sign students in. You CANNOT sign in to the ST Math app without going through the Middleboro site FIRST. 

-On Google Classroom I have posted TWO class codes- one for Mr. M's Music Class and another for Flocabulary assignments. Try out the Flocabulary activities! Let me know what you think! 

-Students: Feel free to send me a message on Google Classroom if you need anything or just want to say hello! 

-Bruin and Flo are doing great! :) Anyone else's pets glad they've been home so much? LOL

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Resources Update

Good Afternoon! I hope you all remain healthy and safe. Below I’ve posted some valuable online resources as well as ideas for learning. NONE of the assignments posted will count toward grades- it is just optional, additional enrichment practice! MANY of the online resources can be accessed through the “ClassLink” tab on the Middleboro Public Schools homepage. Students sign in using their MPS login. Please email me if you need support.

If your child doesn’t have internet access, practice solving the four operations (multiplication, division, subtraction, addition). Practice multiplication and division facts 1-12. Think about measurements and fractions when baking and apply real world applications the best you can!
 - This is our core resource for math instruction and learning. We are currently finishing up Topic 10 (Multiplying Fractions) and beginning Topic 11 (Line Plots). I will post videos and online practice problems for students to review these skills. 

- This is another core resource for student learning. Online math puzzles are correlated with grade 4 standards. Student progress is tracked based on individualized puzzle completion. We use this program for about 90 minutes a week in the classroom, so I highly recommend! *The ST Math Link will bring you to the Middleboro Public Schools homepage. Students MUST login through the "Class Link" tab in order to play. They CANNOT login directly through the website or app. 

- This is a fun, online game that is correlated with student learning. Students battle and earn credits by solving math problems. I have created review assignments for students to practice. 

If your child doesn’t have internet access, have them read! Independent reading is essential for reading development. 
- This online source has TONS of books and is available for free during school hours. It’s a great independent reading source and offers everything from audiobooks to graphic novels! We use this in the classroom frequently too! 

- I have assigned a few fiction and nonfiction grade level practice passages for students to read and answer questions. Feel free to try these with your child! 

- Another online source with current events based on grade level. I have assigned a few relevant articles for students to read. 

Writing/ Science/Other:
Please have students refer to Google Classroom for quick writing prompts. 

- Free interactive science lessons and NO SIGN UP REQUIRED- we use them in class all the time!

- Our core science program. I have posted a few videos/readings based on our current learning about energy. 

 - It incorporates reading and math learning through fun videos and individualized learning.

-Daily at-home learning for students! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Week of 9/24

We are off to a great start in Room 41! 

Here's the learning update:

In WRITING, students have just published their first poem, uniqueness reflection, and even a letter setting goals. We are building writing stamina through a variety of quick writes and reflecting on the independent writing atmosphere. As we develop more seed ideas in our writer's notebook, students will choose a personal narrative topic by the end of the week. 

In WORD STUDY, we have finished assessing students knowledge of high frequency words and students are being introduced to the word study process. In addition, we have just started studying our first set of vocabulary words.

In MATH, students have taken a placement test in addition to finishing Topic 1: Place Value. We have practiced reading, writing, expanding, and rounding numbers through a variety of activities, videos, and quick checks. Students have learned the expectations for fluency games and continue to build their fact fluency and mental math through warm-ups. Students have also started to use ST math as well as Pearson Realize (our core online math program). We will be assessing on Topic 1 this week and starting math centers next week! 

In ELA, we continue to read aloud many different types of texts to build students' knowledge of genre and theme. We have learned about the expectations of the reader's workshop model and continue to reflect on the idea of "Reading Thinking" and the different types of thoughts we have while we read. Students are learning how to jot thinking on sticky notes and express their independent reading by writing letters. 

In SCIENCE, we have completed a few STEM activities, in addition to a scientific method experiment. Students have learned what science is, it's importance and how to conduct an experiment. We just started our first earth science unit on landforms. 

Monday, September 2, 2019

Week of 9/3

Welcome Back Students!

I am so excited (and nervous!) to meet you all tomorrow. We are going to have a great year! 

Sign and return beginning of year forms (Tuesday Folder) 

Monday, February 11, 2019

Week of 2/11

Good Morning! 4 1/2 days until February break and happy 100th day! 

Reminders for the Week: 
Read 25 mins. each night
Daily math sheet
*Conference Slips- ASAP
*Biography Choices- ASAP
*Begin gathering biography supplies/ideas
*Valentine's Day-Thursday 
*Early Release- Friday

Learning this Week:
Writing: Students will be using different strategies to take notes for their chosen author study. Students will be researching their author by using the VIP strategy and creating a KWL chart to learn what they want to know. Students will begin their culminating project of writing a book with their author's craft or writing a letter to their author. 

Math: Students have just finished Topic 8 (Equivalent Fractions) and have started learning how to add and subtract fractions (Topic 9). Students will test on Topic 1-8 this week, and we will have a combined Topics 8 & 9 assessment after vacation. 

ELA: Students will be analyzing their author's work by completing an organizer and having discussions in groups. Students of the same author will create a poster to share their learning with the class.

Science: Students will complete a Mystery Science that correlates with Valentine's Day, but includes learning on the human body and its structure. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Week of 1/14

Good Morning!

Reminders for the Week:
Read 25 mins. each night
Daily math sheet
*Early Release- Friday 1/18
*MLK Day- Mon. 1/21
*Patriots Gear- Friday 1/18 (Wear your hat for a dollar!) 

Learning this Week:
Writing: Students are picking animals to research as part of our nonfiction reading and writing unit. Students are learning how to research, cite sources for a bibliography, take notes, and use different strategies for writing ideas in our own words.

Math: Students will be finishing up learning on Factors and Multiples. We will assess on Wednesday to check for student understanding. We will begin to discuss concepts for Topic 8 (Fraction Equivalence). 

ELA: Students are learning about the different genres of nonfiction. We are still focused on narrative nonfiction, but we are incorporating essential skills of main idea and text structure.

Science/ S.S: Students will be learning how to classify animals, different habitats, and read articles to strengthen their background knowledge in order to complete their slideshow on animal adaptations.