Monday, September 2, 2019

Week of 9/3

Welcome Back Students!

I am so excited (and nervous!) to meet you all tomorrow. We are going to have a great year! 

Sign and return beginning of year forms (Tuesday Folder) 

Monday, February 11, 2019

Week of 2/11

Good Morning! 4 1/2 days until February break and happy 100th day! 

Reminders for the Week: 
Read 25 mins. each night
Daily math sheet
*Conference Slips- ASAP
*Biography Choices- ASAP
*Begin gathering biography supplies/ideas
*Valentine's Day-Thursday 
*Early Release- Friday

Learning this Week:
Writing: Students will be using different strategies to take notes for their chosen author study. Students will be researching their author by using the VIP strategy and creating a KWL chart to learn what they want to know. Students will begin their culminating project of writing a book with their author's craft or writing a letter to their author. 

Math: Students have just finished Topic 8 (Equivalent Fractions) and have started learning how to add and subtract fractions (Topic 9). Students will test on Topic 1-8 this week, and we will have a combined Topics 8 & 9 assessment after vacation. 

ELA: Students will be analyzing their author's work by completing an organizer and having discussions in groups. Students of the same author will create a poster to share their learning with the class.

Science: Students will complete a Mystery Science that correlates with Valentine's Day, but includes learning on the human body and its structure. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Week of 1/14

Good Morning!

Reminders for the Week:
Read 25 mins. each night
Daily math sheet
*Early Release- Friday 1/18
*MLK Day- Mon. 1/21
*Patriots Gear- Friday 1/18 (Wear your hat for a dollar!) 

Learning this Week:
Writing: Students are picking animals to research as part of our nonfiction reading and writing unit. Students are learning how to research, cite sources for a bibliography, take notes, and use different strategies for writing ideas in our own words.

Math: Students will be finishing up learning on Factors and Multiples. We will assess on Wednesday to check for student understanding. We will begin to discuss concepts for Topic 8 (Fraction Equivalence). 

ELA: Students are learning about the different genres of nonfiction. We are still focused on narrative nonfiction, but we are incorporating essential skills of main idea and text structure.

Science/ S.S: Students will be learning how to classify animals, different habitats, and read articles to strengthen their background knowledge in order to complete their slideshow on animal adaptations.   

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Week of 1/7/19

Good Morning!

Reminders for the Week:
Daily math sheet
25 minutes of reading
*Early Release- Friday, 1/18
*MLK Day- Monday, 1/21

Learning this Week:
Writing: Students are setting three different goals for the new year. They are working on explaining how they will accomplish each goal. We have also started Vocab. #17. Students are using the words in quick writes and with various activities.

Math: We have just started Topic 7 (Factors & Multiples). Students will be expected to know and understand the terms: prime, composite, factor, and multiple. We will be working on these skills all week.

ELA: Students are being exposed to a variety of narrative nonfiction texts. Students are gaining knowledge of text structure, main idea, and learning about how and why authors write narrative nonfiction. 

Science/S.S: Students are continuing to learn different map skills. We will begin our unit on the U.S. Regions to answer the question, How does where you live affect how you live? 

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Week of 12/10

Good Morning!

Reminders for the Week:
Read 25 mins. each night
Daily math sheet
*Pool- Tues. & Fri.
*Holiday Shopping- Next week!
*Return Report Card envelope

Learning this Week:
Writing: Students will be working on a creative narrative piece about being trapped in a snow globe. We are working on a shared, interactive piece together, paying attention to details, leads, and sequence of the story. Students are practicing the revising process by adding details and creating rich sentences using sensory details. 

Math: Students have just started Topic 5 (Division). We have been using base ten blocks, drawing pictures, and using our knowledge of multiples to solve basic problems. Now, we are working with larger dividends and using the partial quotient method of solving. 

ELA: Students are focusing on the genre of traditional literature. We have discussed the differences, and are specifically reading and analyzing the elements of pourquoi tales. Students are reading a variety of stories, including reader's theater to deepen their understanding.

S.S./Science: Students will be working on map skills for the next two weeks as we prepare to study the U.S. Regions. Students will be working on basic map skills and looking at a variety of maps. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Week of 11/25

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family and food!

Reminders for the Week:
Read 25 mins. each night
Daily math sheet
*Pool- Wed. & Mon.
*Picture Retakes- Thurs. 
*Holiday Extravaganza- Fri.

Learning this Week:
Writing: Students have a special week, with multiple visits by our writing guest, Big Ryan! He will be telling stories and teaching the importance of creative writing along with techniques for the students. 

Math: Students will be taking their Topic 1-4 Benchmark Assessment. We have just started Topic 5 (Division). Students will gain a conceptual understanding of how to divide and what it means to divide. We will also introduce writing in mathematics and how ti write a thorough math explanation. 

ELA: We will read the book, Love That Dog, by Sharon Creech. Students will develop an understanding of poetic elements through the use of this narrative poem book as well as from analyzing other poems. Students will write their own poems based on inspiration from published poets. 

Science/S.S: Students will be wrapping up their unit on volcanoes and earthquakes with an activity on seismic waves. We learn how earthquakes are related to tsunamis. We will begin our social studies unit, which includes map skills and the United States.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Week of 11/19

Reminders for the Week:
Read 25 mins. each night
Daily math sheet
*Holiday Extravaganza Donations-ASAP
*Holiday Extravaganza- 11/30
*Picture Retakes- 11/29
*No School: Wed. Thurs. Fri

Learning this Week: 

Writing: Students are finishing persuasive turkey writing pieces just in time for Thanksgiving! In addition, we have started to discuss, "What is poetry?" and will look at some famous poems and authors.

Math: Students will taking their Topic 4 (Multiplication) Assessment on Monday. We will be looking at lines of symmetry on Tuesday and reviewing some basic geometry terms to complete a pattern block turkey.

ELA: Students will be demonstrating their understanding of theme and genre by completing a assessment. We will be starting the movie, Wonder, now that we've finished reading the book.

Science: Students will be making pilgrim boats as part of a STEM activity. We will be completing a cut and sort to show our understanding of erosion, weathering, and deposition.